How St Christopher Travel Registration works

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Book your travel with a St Christopher travel partner.  They'll send us your itinerary.
2. We will extract key pieces of information for registering on Smartraveller
3. Check + confirm the flight details we send you
4. We submit to Smartraveller. You relax + prepare to fly
[feature icon="star-o" title="Hassle free" color="1"]To register for Smartraveller, simply forward your itinerary to us[/feature] [feature icon="bolt" title="Notify the Australian Government" color="2"]If you need assistance, the Government will know where you are[/feature] [feature icon="gift" title="Were growing " color="3"]We are always expanding our list of travel providers we work with[/feature] [feature icon="code" title="Family included" color="4"]Register your whole family by forwarding the one itinerary[/feature] [feature icon="signal" title="Adaptive Learning" color="5"]St Christopher learns your traveling habits and predicts your trip purpose, emergency contact details and more[/feature] [feature icon="tablet" title="Mobile Friendly" color="8"]St Christopher is mobile friendly allowing you to register on the run[/feature]


We are currently working on processing itineraries from the following companies

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Meet the Team

We are a talent bunch of people who have a passion for travel and doing things differently


The Team at St Christopher are a hardworking and dedicated small group of entrepreneurs who place a great deal of emphasis on innovation in their daily lives and work.  We are all avid travellers and want to ensure our families and friends are safe whenever venturing abroad. We have a combined depth of experience in sectors including: Federal government, Scientific Research, Corporate sales, Private industry servicing government, Building award winning web applications, IT project management, Multi-national retail and International Development. Most of all though, we are bringing this experience to St Christopher as a dynamic team where the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.